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The Aimpoint CompM4 has been soldier-tested and combat-proven to ensure that only robust, high quality products are delivered to their customers. Used as one of the standard scopes by many soldiers in NATO, the CompM4 has been shown to be one of the most durable and robust scopes being able to run continously for up to 8 years. 

Aimpoint's CompM4 sight belongs to the CompM4 series which are held as some of the finest sights Aimpoint has ever produced. Aimpoint have engineered the sight to be able to have up to 8 years of continuous use from only a single AA battery!


  • High battery compartment

  • ACET technology allows up to 80,000 hours of daytime operation on one AA battery

  • Internal voltage regulator allows the CompM4 to be used with any AA size battery

  • 7 NVD settings and 9 daylight settings

  • Mount base is keyed into to the body of the sight to absorb recoil

  • Mount base screws directly into the sight (no separate sight ring required)

  • 2 MOA dot for close combat and long distance engagement

  • Front lens opening is threaded

  • Submersible to 150 feet

  • Vertical spacer included

  • Mechanical switch for speed and reliability

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